The market
Our clients Potential Examples Current activities

Public institutions

10 M ha

communities, VNF…

Pay trials with the city of Pont a Mousson

Potable water makers

5 M ha

Suez, Veolia, governed

Suez interested in tests on several water bodies

The hightes users of water in their industrial process

 1 M ha

Energy, Industry, Stationers, Petrochemical ...

90 € bn of potential
institutional(highly constrained budgets)
  • Sale tests
  • Prescription via users of water in 90% of cases
  • Needs both macrophytes that cyanobacteria
  • Creating an authorized distributors and trained network/li>
Potable water makers(Would perform the treatments themselves )
  • Sale tests
  • Needs for cyanobacteria
  • Highly concentrated market
  • Needs especially abroad (USA / Australia ...)
  • Water is a real issue in some countries
The aquaculture market
The industries with big water usage
  • Sale tests
  • Needs for macrophytes
  • Operating losses due to non availability of water
  • Markets both in France and internationally
Geographical distribution
Feder BPI-France Région Lorraine Initiative Lorraine Nord